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    Artist Niklas Amundson

    Niklas Amundson's art is inspired by his great love for the marine theme.

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Welcome to the Art Gallery of Niklas Amundson

About Artist Niklas Amundson

Swedish artist Niklas Amundson was born in 1967 on the Swedish east coast, close to Stockholm, capital of Sweden. At an early age, he moved with his family to a serene and beautiful island named Marstrand on the west coast of Sweden. There he followed in his father’s footsteps and began painting almost as soon as he could keep a brush in his hand. Through the years, Niklas’ association with the sea has continued and has taken him from the deck of the 138’ sailing yacht S/S Gloria to a Marstrand pilot boat and later to the Swedish Coast Guard…

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Niklas Amundson Studio


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