Niklas gift to the Norwegian King on his 80th birthday

21 August, 2017News articles

King Harald has recently reached the age of 80 and is documented to be sports-related. He is often seen in honorary artists during major sporting events.He is especially passionate about sailing. He has participated in several OS and is still active racing competitor. – It was a painting of his boat “Sira” that he competed … Read More

Niklas paintings appear on national television show in Sweden

28 March, 2017News articles

[slideshow] [/slideshow] A swedish show about how five strangers visiting each other’s homes. The people know nothing about each other, except the name, profession and first impression. After the tour of the house are each to try to match the right person with the right home. In one of the homes, it’s obvious that the … Read More

New painting just finished

15 August, 2015Okategoriserade

This painting is called Marigold Classic Week and is awaiblable as a Giclée Fine Art edition on Canvas in the store. This is a picture from the process in the studio and the finished piece after framing:

Soccer legend “Bebben” turns 80 and gets unique painting from Niklas

3 June, 2015News articles

Classic Swedish soccer player and ‘Blåvitt’ legend Bertil “Bebben” Johansson just turned 80 years old. As a birthday gift he received a painting depicting the classic picture of him with the corner flag painter by artist  Niklas Amundson. – Even my wife thinks I have become stylish, says “Bebben.” He still goes to all the Gothenburg soccer team Blåvitts games … Read More